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5 Weeks..

The past 5 weeks in review…

I had Rny (gastric bypass) on 9/20/16. I’m going to go week by week until I’m current with week 5 10/26/16.

Week 1: This was the most challenging week to say the least. I struggled with getting fluids and protein in. My average was 20oz out of 64!  

Week 2: Reality hit with going back to work. I became dehydrated and had to go back in to the surgeons office for fluids and labs. I felt much better afterwards. I still struggled with the amount of fluids I needed to be getting daily. My average was under 40. I also had to stay at PT hours at work and tired out really easily during the day. 

Week 3: Still having issues with fluids but added some yogurt and cottage cheese and fat free refried beans into the mix. I worked on staying longer hours at work and found that Bai and G2 were my best friends. Those two drinks helped me to get more fluids in and kept me out of the ER. 

Week 4: I thought by now I would be doing great with fluids and be back at 100%. Wrong. I started to learn that I needed to take breaks in the mornings before even going into work. I needed to rest before leaving home to be able to function properly at work. If not I would get really sick and worn out fast. I also lived on nausea medicine, twice a day. Oh and I had my first encounter with dumping and getting food stuck in my pouch. I do not recommend eating too big of a bite or not chewing 30 times. And always calculate the amount of sugar, fat & protein in a meal before eating it or drinking. 🙄 

Week 5: I have felt amazing all week!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 this has been the best week so far. I am back to 40+ hours at work. I’ve learned that buffalo tuna is yummy with meze dip and I’ve added turkey sausage to my cottage cheese for breakfast 🍳.  These are foods I probably would have never eaten together or as much as I have this week. Granted it’s not a ton of food but it’s enough to get me full. My water/fluid in take is still in the 40-50 oz but it’s a daily battle. One day I will be at 64! 

So in conclusion I have to say that the past 5 weeks have been an amazing, hard, insightful learning curve that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am looking forward to the next 5 weeks!  



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