Progress Pictures

Progress Picutre

As I sit at this desk and upload these two photos I have a really hard time seeing any difference. But there is one thing that I know is different for sure, the way I feel! I know it’s a mental battle that will have to be fought on a daily basis. The mind is our greatest enemy. I’m learning this through this process.

The past 5 weeks were some of the hardest ones that I have ever had to deal with mentally in years. But I am thankful for every bit of this process, it is a learning curve for sure.

I have taken progress pictures that only the best friend is able to see because she loves me for me and who wants to see me in my undies?? Really….

Here is a side by side that I did a few weeks ago just to see if I saw a difference.



Now to throw it back to 2013 vs. 10/28/ 2016

I do see the difference in my face in these two pictures! I am loving this new lease on life and the things that are going to come out of it. I have high expectation and hopes for my future!



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