The Struggle is real.

Let’s talk about Head Hunger. I think everyone at some point has battled this even if they do not realize it. I never truly understand what it was until after I had gastric bypass in September. 

What is head hunger? 

Head hunger is the mind thinking it is hunger when the body is content and satisfied. It is a psychological “feeling” either out of boredom, peer pressure or emotions. It is when we allow our brain to control what we think we feel or it thinks we need. 

Now that I have clarified what head hunger is let me share a battle I had a few weeks after surgery. I was attending a bridal shower with my best friend. You know showers always have the BEST foods and drinks! This particular shower had everything from sandwiches to cupcakes and sangria punch (2 kinds)😍.  

I had come prepared with a bottle of water and 4oz of V8 juice. Which by the way is the best thing when all you’ve had is water and Gatorade. It was time to eat and everyone is getting there plates and Melissa gets me a tiny slice of cheese because I said I thought I could try it. 🙄  I had two little bites and was done. I realized as I sat there that I had allowed my head to tell my body it was hungry when in fact it was completely satisfied with the V8. Mind you I wasn’t supposed to be eating anything yet at this point. I ended up paying for it that night and next day with a tummy ache and upset stomach. 

I learned the hard way what head hunger is all about. I do battle this still some days and I have to sit back and say I’m not hungry just bored. This was a big contributor to my previous unhealthy lifestyle! 

One that I will no longer allow to have control.

What to do when the devil strikes? 

Head hunger = the devil. 

Here are a few things that I have found very helpful when I feel the need to eat. I typically distract myself with work, if I’m at work because that’s when I have the temptation. I will grab a Popsicle at times because I need all the help with fluids I can get! Go for a walk around the office, read, blog or just sit there and deal with it. 

Hope this helps and encourages someone to know they are not alone in this journey.



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