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Eat more, she said.

Those are words I never thought I’d hear anyone much less a doctor say to me.  I had my 6 week post op visit was today. Let me just say I love my surgeons PA!

The take away from today’s appointment are to eat more, 800-1000 calories a day and get 64oz of fluids in as well. This is a big struggle for me, currently I’m getting about 350 and 30-44 oz. of water. She says I will feel better with more foods and water.

And to get all my labs checked for low levels. I should know those results by the afternoon today. I may have to start an iron pill with vitamin C every other day and need to do B12.

The past few days I have been really dizzy and have had some female issues going on that I had before this journey began. I talked to the Dr about it and she suggested that after I get my thyroid levels back to see about going on a birth control. I haven’t been on one because it triggers migraines for me. So I’m not sure that I will chance it right now. My poor body needs a break!

I took her advice and had 3 pieces of sushi for lunch. I which was way delicious!!  I also bought a few new things at Whole Foods. Which by the way was way overwhelming for me. I know I walked around a couple times because I did not know what to buy!!  Anyone else feel this way now when you go shopping for new foods? I almost left with just a couple things but walking around again I picked up a few more items.

Crazy right?

However I figured it out and ended up with low carb wraps, salmon salad spread, Halo Top ice cream, a new grass fed yogurt, Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies and spinach artichoke humus. I’m super excited to try all these new foods! I hope my new tummy will enjoy them as much as I’m looking forward to them.

I will be letting you know my thoughts on the Halo Top and Lenny & Larry’s cookies.



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