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It’s smarter than you.


This is something I am learning on a daily basis. Some days are easier than others but I am still a work in progress for sure.

My body is smart! It knows exactly what it needs or does not need. It’s my brain that gets in the way all too many times.

This week has been a rough one but I’ve learned a valuable lesson. LISTEN TO MY BODY!!

I got my labs back and verified that one I am not eating enough protein and two I am dehydrated, I need to drink more. What’s new? Right.

So yesterday was a valuable lesson learned, I was sick all day nauseated and just run down in general. I thought I would go home for lunch take some nausea meds, drink some G2 and take a hour nap, then come back to work and finish a few things up.

I ended up falling asleep at 3. At 4:30 woke up to a text, thinking I was dreaming. I answered that text and went right back to sleep not totally sure exactly what I said to the person? Guess I’d better check to make sure it was kind words.

Guys, I woke up for 30 minutes around 6 long enough for me to eat the last 3 pieces of sushi, because I was not going to let that good stuff go bad. I ate my dinner because I needed it. 30 minutes later I was back asleep and slept til 6am!

My body just needed a break and some rest!

So this morning Friday I am drinking G2 and I have eaten 4 pieces of Cracked Pepper Turkey. And I do feel a lot better than yesterday. I guess it pays off to listen to your body and rest when it says it is time! However my paycheck may differ from this philosophy.



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