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First real NSV!


Whoo Hooo!

I have been waiting for this for a few months now. I had my first non-scale victory (NSV) today. I am super excited!!! 

Last night as I was packing up for the weekend, I found a couple of tops in the back of my closet because that’s where things get shoved that you do not wear. 

I thought well I will pack two that I am pretty sure will fit surely by now and I left one in the back because I just wasn’t convinced it would fit. Mind you it never crossed my mind last night to even try it on. I mean why? It didn’t fit last year when I tried it on after purchasing it. I am the worlds worst for buying something and then it not fitting or either I end up not liking it once I have it home. I forget sometimes to take things back afterwards. 

So this morning as I was getting ready I saw that the weather was going to be pretty nice and did not want to wear long sleeves like I had planned.  I pulled out the top that I found last night and thought let’s just try it on for the heck of it! 


That in turn encouraged me to put jeans on and not wear scrubs to work like I had planned because let’s be honest I was being lazy this morning. After all I had already showered, dried my hair and straightened it when my plans were really to just throw some product in it and roll out with it curly today. 

So here is the top that I choose to wear today. It has lace for the top of the back, shoulders and arms.



And since it is Friday, here is a little face to face progression from the day of surgery to today 11/11/16.11-1-16-3

11/11/16 vs. 6/201611-1-16-4




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