Let it go 

Saturday’s spent with the bestie are the BEST! I always have a great time with her and the family.
Today we were planning to take the kiddos to see the movie Trolls. We were really looking forward to it (her and I). As we were getting ready this morning she asked her son if he wanted to go see it. He said no because he thought it was going to be scary. So we dropped him off with her husband who was working on the farm and took the little with us shopping. What kid doesn’t want to go to the movies?
First stop Sams club, for the food samples. What a mad house that place was. They had Christmas in full swing like everyone else. 

We had decided that she would get her shopping done for the family kids today. The first aisle we go down is the toys. Caroline spots the Ana & Elsa dolls, she immediately grabs one and tosses it in the cart! Turns around and says Thank You mama. 😂😂 like that was going to work. 

Nice try kiddo. She did really well until it was almost check out time when she wanted to hold Elsa and walk around the crazy busy store. Picture this: at self-checkout she’s crying and screaming because Mom took the doll away and wouldn’t give it back. (It’s actually for her bday in a few weeks). She quickly forgot about it after lunch at Newks. 

Next stops were Target & Lowes. The girl found EVERY Frozen Elsa & Ana themed thing in sight! Obsessed, slightly. Even things I didn’t see until after she pointed them out. 

Tonight I kept the kiddos for the rents to go out on a date. That was fun. I was a little concerned with Caroline because she’s such a mama’s girl. Thankfully it took her an hour to realize that they had left and then she didn’t cry. Score for me! 🙌🏼


As I’m rocking her to sleep I thought how nice it would be to be able to one day rock my own baby to sleep. This is something that I had actually given up on and decided it was not in the cards for me. As I am not as young as I used to be. Thankfully I have changed my lifestyle with having the gastric bypass surgery in September and now children may actually be a possibility. I have so many questions about that process after rny. Thankfully I have someone I can ask about this because she’s had two since hers. 

I know tonight’s post is all over the place! These are just the random thoughts that came from my day. 




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