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Starbucks & Newks 

Starbucks and Newks Eatery are two of my favorite places. 

Today I asked Melissa If we could eat lunch at Newks while we were out shopping. Of course she said yes because she likes it too! My all-time favorite thing to get there is the Cesar salad, I use to could eat a half one and a sandwich without thinking twice. Not the case today. I ordered a half salad with grilled shrimp $12! 😳 

I ate 4 shrimp and 3-4 bites of salad.  I was done, completely satisfied. Took the rest of it to go to eat for dinner. Well we continued shopping and my poor salad was left in the car. I don’t think I want food poisoning so in the trash it went. 😭 So Sad. 

Starbucks has their holiday drinks buy one get one free! So after shopping at Target we stopped and got a sugar free decaf peppermint mocha frappe with skim milk.  I ordered it and thought did I order the correct thing? I know after wls (weight loss surgery) you’re not supposed to have caffeine nor a ton of sugar/fat. I should have ordered a tall instead of a Grande because I ended up throwing it out. I drank a few sips of it and started to feel dizzy with blurred vision. Thanks new tummy! 

I guess for now I will stick to the sugar free passion tea. 

This is definitely a learning process when trying to figure out what the new tummy will be happy with.  I think this will be the new normal for now own. 



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