Well I have officially hit my first stall! I have weighed, 285 since November 10th.  I stepped on the scale today and it still says those same three numbers.


I stepped off and I immediately felt defeat, like I had done something wrong. I have not eaten anything nor drank anything that I shouldn’t be at this stage. I knew it was coming just by following along in my group with what others have/had experienced. So, I thought that I was sort of prepared for it to be my turn, so to speak.

Wrong. I was not. I still felt the disappointment of not seeing the numbers on the scale move. However, that last about 10 minutes, because that is all I allowed myself to wallow in it.  I then said, self you have done a great job thus far and you will continue to do a great job in the future! This too shall pass and you will begin to see those numbers move down each week/month. It surely did not happen overnight! Slow and steady win the race!!

I know that numbers aren’t what it is all about, it is about being a healthier version of you.  So, this week I will keep this in mind and wait until next Monday to see if there is any change, and again if it is not then that too will be okay.

 I will be happy still with my decisions to be a healthier- happier me.



Ps. this is the first time that I have publicly told my weight!! :0


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