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Protein & Collagen

I use to struggle with getting the 60-80 grams of protein in on a daily basis until I added Form into my routine.

I started using Thrive products by LeVel in January of this year. I absolutely LOVE it! It has been the best thing that I could do besides RNY for a healthier happier me.  

So let me tell you guys a little bit more about what Form is and how it works with your body.

It is a Collagen Protein Gel that immediately starts to absorb as it remains in the mouth and as it enters the digestive tract and stomach.

I have attached a link to the full Facts sheet for you to check out in more detail if you’d like.

SGT Form


Each serving, packet has a total of 15 g of protein! And guess what it tastes yummy and easy on the tummy!





If you are like me and have absolutely no motivation to eat or drink this is a great way to get in 15g in one sitting.  I am trying to do everything possible to keep my vitamins/nutrients where they are supposed to be.


Ps. Side note another great benefit of Form is the Collagen is great for the Skin!!


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