Big eyes 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I had the pleasure to join the best friend and her family for lunch. I brought 4 pans of Sister Shubert, Parker house rolls. That’s 64 rolls 😳. I think they all got eaten, which is great because I wouldn’t of taken them home with me. 

So let’s talk about food for a minute. They had everything you could of wanted. I waited til the end to make my plate because I really wasn’t sure what to get. I had made up my mind on the way over that I was going to eat a little of whatever I wanted, within reason. I should have taken a before and after picture of my plate. 

My eyes are definitely bigger than my new tummy! As I was fixing my plate I knew I’d never be able to eat all of it, not even half of it! I literally put a teaspoon of each thing I wanted to try that I thought would be friendly. It was all delicious and I was full. 

I even tried a bite of homemade banana pudding and pumpkin cheesecake. All I wanted was a little taste and I was good. Mind you this was 3 or so hours later because no way I was going to attempt to try it right after eating the other. 

So all in all today was a success. I even made me a to go dish of field peas and ham for tomorrow’s lunch at work. 

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. 




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