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Welcome To December

Do you ever just wake up and feel like you’ve lost some weight over night?

Well, me either until this morning! I had said that I would only weigh once a week on Monday’s but today I made an exception because I felt like I was a little lighter and my clothes fit a little different this morning.

I keep my scales at work in a closet because if I kept them at home I would be an EVERY day or twice a day scale hopper and that is NOT healthy at all.

So I weighed and I am down 3.6lbs since Monday, granted I had a BM this week and that helps a lot. According to myfitnesspal I have lost a total of 75.8lbs since my highest weight last year. However, since surgery I have lost a total of 39.3lbs.

 Some days that does not seem like a lot when I go and compare myself to some others on this same journey. Then again, I have to remember that I am not them and this is MY journey, no on else’s!

Here’s is to a great start to December!



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