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Mable is a picky one.

Today, Friday, I am starting the search for meals to cook for next week. I enjoy cooking and making new things, especially this time of the year with a crockpot!

Last week Mable, (my new tummy) wouldn’t allow me to eat the turkey meatballs/spaghetti that I made. I was kind of bummed about it because it smelled so good but she put a stop to that. Anyways, today I am on Pinterest looking for some new and easy ideas in hopes she will say yes to and the ladies at work will also enjoy! I am trying to plesae so many people 🙂 .

So far I have come across BBQ chicken, to make sandwiches served with coleslaw and a chicken pot pie type dish that I would serve with crescent rolls for the ladies. I will make that one a little healthier. Also this week we will be having the office Christmas party so I will be making cinnamon glazed carrots for lunch that day. I will be getting some great use out my crockpot, thanks to the bestie for giving it to me!!

I will post the links to the recipes below.

I just hope Mable will like them, she is one picky ^&@#.


The Best Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Not Chicken Pot Pie

Cinnamon Glazed Carrots


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