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Curve Balls

Yesterday, Saturday was moving day for me. I’m pretty sure I picked the coldest day to move!

I had two awesome guys from work who moved me out of the apartment and into a house. Thankfully I didn’t have a ton of stuff to be moved.

Everyone know moving days can be a little hectic and unpredictable at times. Well mine was both. Here I am trying to be helpful by holding the door for the big stuff to be taken down the stairs to the van. I start feeling dizzy and strange, so I tell the guys I need to sit for a minute and rest. I thought for a second I’d go down stairs and sit in the chair but then saw the kitchen table/chair was closer. I pulled the chair out from the table and wall and dat down to rest.  I closed my eyes and the next thing I know I’m on the floor! I had passed out and fallen out of the chair on the hardwood floor.

I sat up and looked around to figure out how I’d gotten on the floor and if I was alone or what was going on. I was a little disoriented to say the least. The guys ended up being downstairs and missed this entire episode. They came back in and asked why I was sitting on the floor? I told them I passed out, at first they thought I was joking. I quickly grabbed some Gatorade from the fridge since I was sitting beside it now. Then I called a friend to come and get me. Needless to say we ended up in the ER. After a cat scan, ekg, X-ray and a lot of labs and a few other tests they determined my blood pressure was dropping low and heart rate was increasing when standing. And I was dehydrated as well.

They gave me two bags of fluids, Tylenol and a potassium pill. My potassium levels were low as well as my Thyroid. So, this week I already had a surgeon follow up scheduled for Tuesday but I guess I’ll be seeing my PCP as well.

Oh yea and I have the bestest friends ever! Janis the lady I called to come get me sat at the ER with me for hours and Melissa and Caroline  came to spent the night with me so I wasn’t alone. That was a awful nights sleep with a two year okay between us! But at least I wasnt alone and she helped me get groceries this morning before going back home.

The unpacking can wait as long as it needs to, I’m not going to stress over boxes and things not having a place. It will get done with time.

Today I will rest and take it easy.



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