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I finally broke down and decided to go shopping. I figured since it is about to be Christmas and most places are having sales that I should at least look for some clothes that fit.

I had gotten an email from Old Navy saying Saturday they would be having $12 jeans, I thought I can’t go wrong with that.

Although in the back of my mind I was thinking there is no way I’m going to find anything to fit me in the store, I’d need to order online.

Melissa and I found the $12 jeans and they were ugly so I said well I’ll just try on another pair that aren’t on sale. We picked up an 18 and a 20. I knew the 18 wouldn’t fit because of my hips/thighs. We found a cute black and white stripped top that was on sale and decided to go with an XL just to see. I was as clueless as to what sizes to even look for or pick out to try on.

It’s a little overwhelming!

I go on the dressing room and pull off my size 26 Lane Bryant jeans that are swallowing me whole at this point. I started putting on the size 20 jeans and thought this is not going to work for me.

I was wrong! They fit! A little tight in the hiney, but I do have a big one. I could not believe it, I stood there a second and looked then opened the door and showed Melissa. I tried the shirt on and it fit as well! So I ended up buying two of the tops and one pair of straight leg jeans. I have never been a fan of straight leg but they were only $20 and they will work for a few months till I need something smaller.

I have went down 6 pant sizes & 3 top sizes- from a 26 to a 20 and from a 2- 3x top to a XL.

I am amazed and thankful by this journey. I still have a long road ahead but it will be well worth it in the end.


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