Clean Eatz 

The past few weeks I have been struggling with what to eat for dinner. I feel a little lost.  Before wls my typical dinner would consist of eggs, asparagus, mushrooms and cheese, rolled up deli meat with cheese, chips & salsa or a sandwich. Whatever I felt like eating and or fixing that night. 

Now it’s an egg with cheese, a shake or deli meat with cheese. Those are great choices but I want something different and new. I decided to go to Clean Eatz and get a few of the grab and go meals to try out this week. 

Today I had Low Carb General Tso’s Chicken with broccoli and sugar snap peas. 

It was delicious and healthy! 

The entire meal was only 212 calories with 40g of protein. I can get two meals out of one, making each serving $3.33. 

I’m not sure I can cook meals and not waste them for that cheap at this point.

Here’s the best part about Clean Eatz- I can order online by Sunday and pick them up Monday/Tuesday for the next week. They even have options for no carb or low carb and double protein. 



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