Shopping & Arcades 

Today was such a fun day! I went with a lady that I work with shopping and then to meet another friend for lunch. We decided to go to Belks, since I had a gift card and she needed to return a couple of tops. Let me just say I am not a fan of shopping! I have always been this way, I like to go in, get what I need and leave. 

We walked around and looked at the clearance sales. I tried a couple things on and decided I really didn’t like them enough to buy them. However, I had a gift card and have been needing some new bras that fit. The ones I have been wearing are too big in the cup and band. 

Today was my lucky day, they have buy one get one free. I wasn’t totally sure what size to get but I guessed and picked up two sizes and went to try them on. If it had been anything else I would of bought it and tried on at home. I ended up getting the right size and went to check out. The cashier rang them up and it came to $70! I guess I made a face because she was like is everything okay. I said yes, I thought it was but one get one free. I hadn’t looked at the actual price of the bra. I just knew it fit and I needed it. She checked the register and it was ringing up buy one get one half off. I said well the sign says get one free so she honored it since they had the signage incorrect. I left there with two bras for less than $50! 

After shopping we went to Planet Fun to have lunch and go bowling. I am not a great bowler at all! The 2 year old had a better score than I did. But it was fun to do something different and get out of the house on a Saturday. Afterwards they wanted to play a few games. They asked if I wanted to ride the one that moves and shakes with the screen. Without even thinking I said sure. I stepped up and sat in the seat and laid back. After the ride started I realized that I fit in the seat with room on the sides!

What a huge NSV!! 

That made the day even better!  All in all it was a great Saturday spent with friends. 


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