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Maternal Instincts

So, if you know me you know I love children! I truly believe they are the greatest blessing and gift from God. 
I said years ago that if I reached 35 and had no children I would like to adopt or do IVF. Well, I am now 35 and have no prospects in sight. However, I have been seriously considering fostering to adopt for over a year now. This past week I sent in a pre application to the Boys and Girls Home to get the process started. 

So many emotions go along with this, even in the beginning stages. Will they find me acceptable as a single person? Do I make enough money? Do I have the right home environment for a child? 

All of these are great questions to consider but not to get myself worried over. I know that yes, they will let a single person foster/adopt because children need homes where they are loved and taken care of. I have a good job and my home is sufficient for another to be added. 

Am I scared? Maybe a little bit but more so excited at the possibilities that will come from this opportunity. I know the road ahead will be long and require a few things of me but I’m okay with that. 

I want to be a mom! Always have. 

I have gotten myself somewhat physically prepared for a child. I’m headed in the right direction. I will have the energy and mobility to keep up with them since having wls. I know my life is about to take on another drastic change. It will no longer revolve around me alone. I will have another human being to consider and to put first before my own wants/needs. 

As I wait for the next steps in this new journey, I will continue to pray for guidance and patience. 

I have not ruled out IVF as an option but I do have to wait another year before that can be explored. So for now I will be content in where God has me and what is to come. 

Who knows maybe one day I’ll have a house full of little ones! 


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