Swimsuit Shopping

Let me just say I am not a shopper at all. I like to go in and get what I need or know I want and leave. I have never been one to just want to go and look around for no reason. My future husband may be thankful!

I have a cruise booked for March of this year and I have needed a swimsuit since the ones that I had no longer fit. I have looked online at many different stores and sites. The BFF suggested that I try  (link attached)  I looked and found one that was perfect, or at least I thought would be great. I loved the color and style. I put it in my shopping cart, and sent it to another friend to get her opinion since she too has had wls. And you can never have enough input on something this important. That friend suggested that I get a smaller size than the ones I currently had in my cart. I had a size 22 bottoms and a size 18 top. Well, crazy me had a bottom that would not of fit because it would be too big! All the while, it never occurred to me that I am now in a smaller size and that it would not work.

So I continued to look for suits, and messaged the BFF to see what she could find/suggest.

I LOVE HER! She doesn’t see me as I see myself.

I am going to attach a link and a picture of the suit that she wanted me to purchase. It is super cute and I actually love it but I do not think that I could pull it off with my stomach even with a high-waist brief.

BFF Pick


Here is the suit that I have settled on, if it fits!! I took the advice of the other friend who has had wls, and I purchased a size smaller than I had originally thought I should get. I do have 6 weeks left until the cruise. So I can still loose more weight between now and then. This suit is super cute and is a little more in my comfort zone.  I have attached links for both pieces.

Strata Top


High Waist Brief


What do you guys think? I will let ya’ll know how it fits when it comes in next week.



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