5 Months

Where has the time gone? It does not seem like it has already been 5 months since I had RNY. I can say that these past months have not been easy at all, it has been challenging and a struggle at times. It is definitely something that I take day by day.

Here is an update on my latest adventures on this journey. I had a follow up appointment on Monday, February 20th with my PCP, to check my iron and hemoglobin levels again. I have been taking VitronC, 3 times a day since the end of January to try and get my iron stores up. The nurse called yesterday and said that I still do not have any stores and my hemoglobin is at a 9.2, the normal range is 12-16.

I was honest with the nurse and let her know that next month I have a cruise planned and I would like to have energy and enjoy myself.

The nurse called back and said that my PCP had called and spoke with my surgeon and they thought I should continue taking the VitronC 3 times a day until my 6 month follow up with the surgeon  or I could go ahead and go in for 8 weeks of IV Iron infusions. I opted for the infusions because I am TIRED or being tired and dizzy.

I hope to hear back from the lab to schedule my first infusion for this week or next week. I would like to get a few of them in before vacation.

If you are wondering what IV iron infusions are and how they are given here is a little description below.

How is intravenous iron given?

Intravenous iron is delivered into the patient’s vein through a needle. The procedure takes place in a doctor’s office or a clinic and may take up to several hours, depending on which treatment the physician has prescribed. The patient usually receives iron injections over the course of several visits until his or her iron levels are correct.

What is intravenous iron supplementation?

Intravenous (IV) iron supplementation is a method of delivering iron by infusion with a needle into a vein. (Medication that is given intravenously is called parenteral therapy.)

Mayo Clinic- Iron Infusions

I did some research last night and watched a very informative video that a lady made documenting her 4 day consecutive iron infusion treatment. I like to know what I am getting myself into before I go and have it “done ” to me. I mentally prepare myself. However, I did learn a few things and have some questions for the nurse/dr when they call to schedule.

  1. How long will it take?
  2. Do I need to bring someone with me or have a driver?
  3. Will I be given benadryl and or a steroid with the iron?

I wouldn’t of thought to ask any of these questions, if I had not listened to the documentary.

I will keep you updated and let you guys know how the fist one goes!

Other than this issue, I am really doing well with getting my fluids in daily. I am still not at the 64oz. I am also now getting over 85g of protein a day, per surgeon’s request since my protein levels were low last month. I just purchased two new Inspire proteins to mix in with my morning milk. I have learned that If I do not drink one every morning that I am no where near the protein intake needed. Some days I drink 2 a day, it all depends on the day and how Mabel reacts to foods. Because let me tell you she is picky, picky. (Mabel is my tiny tummy)

I am hoping that when the iron levels become more consistent and restored that I will be able to go back to walking to get my exercise. I am actually looking forward to this!

I know this one was a long one! But so much has gone on over the past couple of months.



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