Update… Iron Infusions & Labs 

So if you’re new here, I started iron infusions two weeks ago because my feratin was at a 6. Super duper low.

 I have had two so far. I’m halfway done with the 4 weeks. The first one I was a little nervous but ready to start feeling human again. The afternoon/ night of the first infusion I got a little nauseated but didn’t think much of it. The next day it was worse but bearable with phenergan. 

Now the second infusion was great. I also had my 6 month labs drawn that morning. So I was a pin cushion for sure. I again had the nausea issues that afternoon afterwards and the next day along with a slight headache. Nothing I couldn’t handle with some phenergan and Tylenol. 

I also got acall Friday from the nurse at my surgeons office letting me know all my labs are still on the low side. She wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know. However my feratin is now at a 24. It’s slowly coming up! Now I’ve just gotta work on getting the rest of this moving in the right direction. 

Overall I am doing great! I’ve tried to keep my protein around 85-100 and my water/liquid to 50. Which is a struggle daily. I wouldn’t change a thing on this journey because it’s given me new life! 


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