Thankfully humbled 

The past 5 days were very humbling and in a way a reality check for me. I went on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas and loved it! 

I say it was a reality check because I did things that I wouldn’t of been able to do before wls. It made me even more thankful for this new lifestyle. I found myself throughout the trip looking a certain situations with a different perspective. 

I  was able to fit into the chairs with some room to spare, walked around on the islands without being overly tired and chaff free! I had more confidence than I would of before with my body image in wearing my bathing suit and a sleeveless dress. Granted I did not know but only a few people on the boat but still I wasn’t as self conscious as I know I would have been before. 

I even was going to go kayaking! That would have been a huge NSV for sure. I say was because the tours and excursions were all cancelled that day due to weather. 

Here’s a few pictures from the cruise. 

Tomorrow I am going to post about my food choices while on vacation. So if you’re interested stay tuned for that post. 


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