Carnival Eats 

As I said in my post yesterday I am going to share with you all my food choices while on the cruise. 

I was most concerned with what I was going to be able to eat while away from home. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to have my “go to” choices readily available. 

I will say the first night I got a couple of looks from my fellow table mates. I know they must have thought I was crazy because I didn’t clean my plate nor eat dessert like everyone else. I did share with two of the ladies, (the ones who actually were looking at me like I was starving myself), on the 4th night. I forget how it came up? 

Breakfast- This meal wasn’t my friend! I ended up sick every morning after eating. Each day I tried something different because of being sick the day before. I didn’t have a ton of luck with finding something I could tolerate.  I tried everything from eggs to oatmeal and none of those worked for me. They had milk but it was full of sugar as well as the yogurts. 

Lunch- I will say the best food choices for me during the lunch hours were the burgers from Guys Grill. I would get a burger with cheese, no bun nor fries and add sautéed onions and mushrooms on top. I ate this for 3 days. I was able to eat this with no issues due to it being fresh beef not pre froze burgers. I can’t tolerate those at all. 

The first island day I tried jerk chicken because the other choices were frozen burgers or hotdogs. The chicken was okay a little dry so I only ate a few bites. I did try a pork chop, it was okay but not my favorite of the lunches. 

Dinner- I was thankful for a menu that had a lot of protein options! Each night I tried something different within reason. My favorite meal was by far the Roasted Duck with a close second by the Glazed Porkchop. 

I also ate scallops, tuna, salmon and steak. 
Dessert- I wasn’t sure how this was going to go not knowing if they’d offer low sugar/carb options. The first night I ordered the cheese plate to be safe. Who doesn’t need more protein! I also tried the tropical fruit, peach pie with ice cream, pana cada(low sugar) and strawberry parfait(low sugar). 

Let’s talk peach pie and ice cream. That was my fat brain trying to take over! I ate a few bites and it was yummy but Mabel quickly said NO!  (Mabel is what I call my new pouch) I am thankful for her being so picky. 

Here is a picture of my favorite low sugar option. It was great, I had a couple bites and I was satisfied. 

So overall the food choices were weight loss friendly. I just had to make the right ones. I know during the trip I didn’t eat as much protein as I should but who likes to eat when you’re hot? At least I can say I didn’t gain any weight on this cruise! 

Oh and I got all my water in each day!! 


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