9 Months and counting.


This past Tuesday was my 9 month surgiversary!

I had my follow up appointment yesterday with the surgeon. Let me just say I LOVE my surgeons PA, she is the best!! She was very pleased with my weight loss and progress, a total of 97lbs down since September 20th, and a grand total of 112 since starting the program. That is not counting the 21lbs I lost before starting.  I still would like to loose 60 more to hit my goal, however the dr’s goal is about 30ish away.

I had a lot of labs done as well to check to see how things are absorbing. My PCP, which I also saw yesterday seems to think that I will have to get iron infusions the rest of my life due to not absorbing properly. I am okay with this as long as its every few months. I will find out more about that after these labs are back. Even with this minor thing, I would still choose this life/surgery again and again. It has been such a blessing and lifestyle change for me. One that I definitely needed!

Overall I am very satisfied and pleased with my accomplishments.


I am still a work in progress for sure but that will always be my moto from here on out.



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